Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cookie Pizza

A few weeks ago, my son Sam (3) and I made sugar cookie pizzas. We rolled our our sugar cookie dough on a pizza stone and trimmed around a plate to get our circle. The pizza slice cuts were scored into the dough before cooking and then again immediately after we pulled it from the oven. The frosting sauce could have been more red, but we just didn't have enough food coloring gel to get it that dark. White ball sprinkles worked for the cheese, although shredded coconut or white chocolate would have looked nice, too. We sliced gummi fruit snacks for the pretend pepperoni and olives. Now when Sam asks for pizza for dinner, I have to clarify that he is not getting a big cookie for his meal.


Jamie said...

I have not seen this cookie in my home

Sassy said...

I am so excited about our new blog! Obviously, per my husband, we will be making this cookie recipe soon. What are the rules about posting recipes online anyway? I've seen lots of people post recipes from cookbooks but always wondered about rights to them.