Sunday, August 3, 2008

All Aboard Invite

We’re less than two weeks away from Sam's 4th birthday and the train party plans are chugging right along. We'll be walking around the neighborhood tomorrow to visit his little friends and give them their “tickets” to the party. He is very excited about the steam engine on the ticket and can’t wait to eat cake made with the Williams-Sonoma train pan I conveniently received for mother’s day.


Sassy said...

I wish I lived in your neighborhood so I could get a ticket!

Sassy said...

By the way, I have one of those pans too. Don't just use it for birthday cakes. It makes a great "muffin" pan too. I've used it for blueberry muffins and other quick breads.

Anne said...

Great idea! I'm sure Sam would love that. :)