Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby Shower Coconut Cake

This past weekend, we had a little baby shower for my friend Kristy at a nice restaurant in Pittsburgh called Willow. I called the restaurant to make sure they would allow me to bring in my homemade cake and then got to work. I love the recipe from “The New Best Recipe” cookbook for coconut cake. The key, in my opinion, to any good coconut cake is toasting the coconut and using only real ingredients (real butter and no imitation anything). After making the cake and frosting it with the coconut buttercream, I pulled out the pram template I designed for another shower (Manske's, of course) and did a flat pram on top with a little decorative royal icing around the edges. Lots of fun and very tasty!


Sassy said...

Mmmmm. That looks divine! Was the cake yummy? I'm always looking for a good coconut cake recipe. Haven't found one yet.

Anne said...

Yes! I would highly recommend this recipe. It's a bit of effort (as are all Cook's Illustrated recipes), but it's worth it.