Saturday, December 27, 2008

Luke’s Monkey Cake

For Luke’s 1st birthday, I decided to create a cake based on his favorite stuffed animal: a monkey. I googled monkey cakes and found a dizzying array of ideas, but my favorite came from Martha Stewart. No surprise there. The recipe was for a banana cake with yellow and chocolate buttercream frosting. I baked the cake in a stainless steel bowl, cut into three layers to add a little height, and frosted. The ears were made of a cupcake cut in half. The cake was lots of fun to make and tasted very much like banana bread with decadent frosting. Luke certainly enjoyed it.


Sassy said...

Anne, I think your looks better than the one in the magazine!!!!

Cristina said...

Anne, that is precious! Amazing job on that! What a lucky boy!