Thursday, December 11, 2008

Peppermint Biscotti

‘Tis the season to eat! As I contemplated recipes for two upcoming bake sales, I was asked to please not make chocolate chip cookies. Apparently, there are too many folks donating those this year. With “The Chewy” sidelined, I needed something different. A standout in the mile-long table of baggie cookied bliss. Biscotti! Tasty with a hot beverage, lasts for weeks, and endless decorative options. A glance in the pantry told me I had some peppermint extract in need of use, so peppermint became the default flavor. The italian treat was not one in my repertoire, but it was easy to make with the right recipe. The first I tried was a true italian recipe with no butter. The cookie was hard as promised, but I added a bit too much extract and gagged on the results. Sam loved it. I ventured off into an oil based recipe for the second batch. This created a more american style biscotti with a softer texture. No good. The third time was thankfully just right with 4T of butter and just 1/4t of extract. I couldn't decide how I wanted to decorate them, so I tried four different ways and liked them all. I continued doing all four and each bag for the sale has the four unique designs. Hopefully I’ll stop eating them before they make it into bags tonight.


Sassy said...

Yum! Did you get any to the bake sale? I'm sure they'll sell like . . .well, like biscotti. Did you add peppermint extract to the icing or would that have made it too powerful. Very artistic, Anne :)

Anne said...

I did add extract to the drizzled icing, but not the solid coat of icing base. It's just enough with the 1/4t in the biscotti itself to have a nice mint flavor without overwhelming. You would get a good laugh out of how disgusting the first batch came out. :)